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  • BELINDA 3.4 Oz / 100mL Eau De Parfum Spray

    Olfactive Profile: Fruity Florals · Aquatic · Woody

    BELINDA by PEARLA·NERA encapsulates the essence of a lush, vibrant landscape in a bottle. This fragrance doesn't just rely on its floral notes; instead, it weaves a complex tale where the richness of juicy fig adds depth and a grounded character. It's a scent pulsating with life and energy, perfectly unisex, appealing to anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature's contrasts.

    BELINDA is a symphony of nature's finest elements, from water-kissed flowers and ripe fruits to the majesty of towering trees. This fragrance captures the wonder of an enchanted garden, where every element plays its part in harmony. The addition of Thyme introduces a herbal freshness that, alongside the Fig Leaf's top note, creates a unique green, lactonic freshness. The Lotus Flower at the heart adds a watery, light floral touch, embodying the purity and grace of a bloom floating on water. Vetiver's earthy notes bring a grassy, rich foundation that complements the citrusy beginnings.

    The result is a fragrance that grounds yet elevates, offering a freshly elegant intensity that deepens and enriches the scent journey.

    Olfactive Information:

    • TOP NOTES: Fig Leaf, Lemon, and Petitgrain
    • HEART NOTES: Lotus Flower and Thyme
    • BASE NOTES: Vetiver and Cedarwood

    BELINDA eau de parfum, a blend that leans feminine but welcomes all, is a distinguished part of the Collezione Flora (Floral Collection). This collection invites you to delve into a world of unique olfactive experiences, showcasing PEARLA·NERA's dedication to capturing the essence of the floral kingdom in each carefully crafted fragrance. Explore the diversity and richness of nature with BELINDA, a scent that promises to take you on an unforgettable aromatic journey.

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    5. BELINDA 100mL (Fruity Florals · Aquatic · Woody)

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    PEARLA·NERA is a collaborative creation developed by skilled perfumery artisans from Italy, Kuwait and the UAE who have created precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of fragrances.