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    HAREEM AL SULTAN is a unisex fragrance that is gender neutral. It has been crafted for men and women who have strong and decisive personalities. They know what they like, and won’t stand for anything less, especially when it comes to fragrance. The opening is delightful with a juicy strawberry note that’s sweet and slightly caramelic. The green leaves add a fresh, light, cool and sharp aroma that blends well with the sweet pineapple note that’s slightly metallic.

    » for most occasions and makes a terrific signature scent (can easily be worn to the office)
    » can be worn year round, great for all climates
    » moderate projection with has six (6) plus hours of wear

    A luminous bouquet of flowers beckons you to come closer, their scent weaves together to form a soft powdery and seductive aromatic experience. There is a note of violet that is sweet and powdery, and jasmine which is sweet, opulent, and indolic. But one cannot overlook the rose with its fruity nuances that are sweet, clean, and intensely romantic.

    In the base you are caressed by a smooth and luxurious musk that is reminiscent of soft warm skin. You will also notice the soft breath of raspberry which is sweet, slightly tart and similar to the scent of roses. This fragrance would not be complete without the sweet, dark, earthy, and woody edge of patchouli. If you are searching for a fragrance that is seductive, intoxicating and compliments who you are, HAREEM AL SULTAN makes an excellent choice.

    Gender Profile: Unisex

    Olfactory Information:
    Top Notes: Green Leaves, Strawberry and Pineapple
    Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine and Violet
    Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk and Raspberry