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    Oud Complex is an Oriental fragrance with a mild leather, gentle incense and a sporty active wear aura to it. A great choice for Oud perfume enthusiasts who engage in an active lifestyle and like their fragrances to air on lighter side of the spectrum.

    Blended to achieve a unisex appeal, Oud Complex is perfectly suited for both Men and Women alike with optional layering guidelines to sway it in either the Masculine or Feminine direction should the need arise (see associated Layering Experiences).

    The Sage and Violet notes were artfully crafted to culminate in what can only be described as an authentic oud with a trendy and sporty twist. The added Musk notes softens its edges allowing this perfume to serve as an all purpose oud parfum for the curious, imaginative and confident of our fans.

    As complex as this fragrance is, do not let some of its herbal and floral notes mislead you; Oud Complex is not a floral or medicinal rendition of ouds; On the contrary, Oud Complex is a mild and delicately balanced fragrance that is ideally suited for all-day wear and is perfect for Winter, Spring and Autumn (including cooler Summer nights). Indoors or outdoors, Oud Complex performs great anywhere you wear it, particularly in professional and business meetings as it does not project far.

    With great longevity, you should expect the application of this perfume to stay for no less than Eight (8) hours and beyond. Its performance throughout the day is linear, tapering off only towards the end tail of your engagement;

    Olfactory fatigue is often associated with this parfum concentration due to its natural and high quality ingredients. You may think it has faded when it in fact has not. To properly gauge its performance and longevity on your skin, be sure to first ask a trusted close friend if they can still detect it (when you don't) before determining its stay on your skin and/or going for a second application.

    Oud Complex is not a raw leather fragrance or animalic in any way.

    It is Complex!

    Oud Complex is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 8, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

    Gender Profile: Unisex

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Note: Sage
    • Heart Note: Violet
    • Base Note: Leather, Musk, Oud

    Fragrance Category: Oriental Woody