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  • Dehn Al Oudh RUSOOKH EDP - 40 ML


    Advisory Notice: Unless you are an Oud connoisseur or aficionado, this fragrance as part of the unblended Agarwood collection may not be your first choice of Oudh perfumes. As Oud profiles and accords vary by region and distillation ratios, we highly recommend you obtain a samples discovery set to experience first hand and engage in layering with your favorite fragrances before committing to a full bottle.

    Dehn Al Oudh RUSOOKH is gender neutral (unisex) fragrance with one main accord! Oud. A rich blend of Indian and Lawoosi Oudh to make it an enticing choice for every fragrance lover.

    Left to cool off, Dehn Al Oudh RUSOOKH develops a rich sweet note with hints of leather. A perfect choice for cooler days and nights. Exudes a mystique revelation of elegance and is bound to impress the wearer with its magnificence and aura.

    The dry down is simply divine. So mesmerizing and nice, it whiffs gently and hypnotically... what an amazing dry down really.

    Dehn Al Oudh RUSOOKH along with Dehn Al Oudh SAAD and Dehn Al Oudh AYUBI, should be your go-to Oud for layering with other Oud fragrances when you want to turn the Oud level up.

    Winter and Fall perfumes generally contain heavier and warm scents because during these cooler days your body’s temperature is generally lower. Should that not be the case with your signature scent, consider layering atop one of these wonder single note ouds to add warmth or intensify it.

    Dehn Al Oudh RUSOOKH, targets people who adore strong authentic Oud fragrance and love oudh in all its varying forms.

    Single Note Oud Comparison:

    • Dehn Al Oudh RUSOOKH EDP: Warm spicy accord, that start animalic but softens up soon after;
    • Dehn Al Oudh AYUBI EDP: Sweet with a light Leather accords;
    • Dehn Al Oudh SAAD EDP: Fresh spicy accord with hints of Vanilla;

    RUSOOKH is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 8, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

    Comprehensive product details are currently being updated. Please check again soon, we should have it up by then.

    Gender Profile: Unisex (Intense Oud / Uncut)

    Olfactory Information:

    • Indian and Lawoosi Oudh
    • Contains Alcohol (Not an Oil Based Concentrated Perfume)