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    SHAMS AL ZAMAN is a unisex fragrance that is gender neutral. It has been crafted for men and women who are in pursuit of their destiny, and only want the best of what life has to offer. This fragrance opens with a bright and crisp note of apple and orange, which awakens the senses, and adds a zesty aromatic experience to the day.

    » for most occasions, can be worn to office/work;
    » all day, all season fragrance;
    » creamy, smooth, powdery and soft accords;

    Oud is captivating in the heart of this fragrance. It is sensual, smoky, sweet and animalic. Oud blends seamlessly with a bouquet of billowy florals that are powdery and soft. The experience is breathtaking, and time stands still as you breath in the intoxicating aroma.

    In the base you experience a seductive combination of vanilla and musk which results in a creamy, smooth, warm sun kissed skin scent. Cedarwood compliments the vanilla and musk with its balsamic undertones and woody nuances, which reminds you of an heirloom hope chest or a vintage cigar box. If you are looking for a fragrance to wear, while you search for your destiny, SHAMS AL ZAMAN is the perfect choice.

    Gender Profile: Unisex (leans Feminine - Floral/Creamy)

    Olfactory information:

    • Top Notes: Apple and Orange
    • Heart Notes: Floral and Oud
    • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Musk and Vanilla

    Fragrance Category: Oriental Floral