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Bakhoor Starter Kit


Oud & Bakhoor – Fill your homes with luxurious scent of Arabia…

New to the world of Middle Eastern Bakhoors and Incenses? What better way to experience this lovely and sensual journey than to grab a complete introductory priced kit.

This package contains the following items to get you started:

1. Electric Incense Burner (110v)
2. Choice of 250g (.55 lbs) bag of Muattar Mumtaz, Al Majlis or Sultan Bakhoor [choose from menu]
3. Oud Al Arais Bakhoor 40GM (Block Pressed Resin Incense)
4. Sahret Al Arais Bakhoor 40GM (Block Pressed Resin Incense)
5. Mukhalat Al Arais Bakhoor 40GM (Block Pressed Resin Incense)

Oud is the general term given to the perfume oil extracted, using a variety of techniques, from the wood of the Agarwood tree. Oud oil has been previously discussed in detail in our previous blog here.

Bakhoor is usually the general term used to refer to, mainly wood chips, soaked in fragrant oils that can be burned to release their intoxicating fragrance.

Muattar or Mamool are terms used to refer specifically to chips of agarwood that are then soaked in fragrant oils. Mabsoos/Mabthooth is a specific term for when shavings of agarwood are also used and soaked in fragrant oils. However, the term bakhoor encompasses muattar, mamool and mabthooth.

How to use:

Place this Bakhoor onto a hot charcoal or electric our burner to release its gorgeous scent and fill the room with a magical, alluring and long lasting aroma that permeates the clothes, furniture, curtains and exudes a welcoming, fresh aroma for all who enter.

Note: Do not discard any remnant Bakhoor powder in the pouch when done. Depending on the quantity remaining, sprinkle it on the last cube used or use it all together in a session by itself.

PEARLA·NERA is a collaborative creation developed by skilled perfumery artisans from Italy, Kuwait and the UAE who have created precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of fragrances.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Abdurraheem M Jameel
Smell so good

I really love how good it it . I recommend this product to everyone

Love it

My name is Shenequa. I love my burner. Waiting on the Red bag to be available

Amelia Headings
Amazing Company

I just love the service this company provides. Quality is beyond any other products I have purchased from other companies. Fast delivery , I have the privilege of using my purchases within just 3 or four days , depending on the day of the week you order. Always an extra surprise in your package , perhaps some samples to perk your desire to buy more. I fall for it every time. And I gladly share those samples with friends . Thank you for opening my sense of smells , unlike alcohol based products , the oils smell different on each person .

farooq mohammed

Simply great fragrance

Isa Bah
A must have !!!

I love this starter kit. I also purchase the charcoal incense burner too I would recommend that more so after cooking or cleaning in the house since it produces more smoke. The electric burner is great for burning bakhoor everyday in any room and burns slower than the charcoal one. It smells amazing won’t get my bakhoor from anywhere else but Swiss Arabian !!!