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  • Calligraphy Themed Incense Burner

    For the purists who still prefer the coal burning method of bakhoor.

    Maison d'Orient presents a traditional incense burner (also known as Mubkhar) for use with charcoal briquettes. This ornamental style of burners is ideally suited for transportation around the house and walk-in-closets.

    Elegant and beautiful, this luxury calligraphy incense burner will add grandeur to your home decor. It comes in a choice of stunning colors, embellished with hand painted golden accents. Use charcoal (purchased separately) to burn your favorite incense. The burner may be used to burn incense with or without lid.

    This luxury burner truly makes a splendid gift for bakhoor enthusiasts.

    TIP: Wrap the removable top plate with aluminium foil, and replace every so often, to keep the metallic burner in pristine condition.

    Usage Instructions:
    1. Ignite the side of a charcoal briquette (preferably while holding it with a tong for safety);
    2. Once sparkling occurs, place it on top of the burners' removable plate;
    3. Wait for the entire charcoal briquette to glows before adding the bakhoor/incense;

    Safety Instructions:
    • Burner is safe to be held in the hand. However, do not touch the top when hot, please wait until it is cooled down, and dispose of the residue appropriately.
    • Keep out of reach for children and pets.