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  • KHALIS Masculine Collection (10 Vials)

    The Masculine Collection (10 Vials) is a carefully curated set of sample fragrances that will allow you to explore the below listed wonderfully crafted aspect of our creations. The vials offer plenty of usage opportunity to fully test and turn heads with complements while you do so. This set includes:

    1. FOREVER 100 mL
    2. OCEAN BLUE 100 mL
    3. MYSTERIOUS 100 mL
    4. ASTUTE BLUE 100 mL
    5. INSPIRE ME 100 mL
    6. DESTINATION 100 mL
    7. INCREDIBLE 100 mL
    8. INTERLUDE 100 mL
    9. KHALIS AL RIJAL 100 mL

    Need to explore other KHALIS creations?

    Maison d'Orient is now offering a comprehensive array of Discovery Sets to cover our entire Khalis EDP collection. Each set features five fragrances that are part of a distinct olfactory group; Consider the following available sets.

    Alternatively, you can obtain the full comprehensive set featuring all 59 KHALIS creations to pick through them you next hidden gems:

    Complete KHALIS Discovery Set [Best Value]