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Ruh El Amber ER8E 95ML CPO SA


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Bright and refreshing, Ruh El Amber perfume is a wonderful fragrance for casual wear in the spring or summer.It opens with a crisp citrus accord before giving way to heady floral notes and finally resting upon a creamy base laced with an herbal undertone. Invigorating, zesty bergamot opens the fragrance with a bright, fruity accord. The heart of the introduces floralcy with romantic jasmine and sensual rose. Base notes of delicate labdanum, creamy vanilla and herbal patchouli give this enchanting perfume an earthy anchor.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Graham

Very impressed with the strength of your fragrances.

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Amber Marie Rodgers

Gorgeous fall/winter scent. Love it...

Tanisha Olds
Ruh el amber

I thought it would be good fragrance to layer with other fragrances. But when I tested it I felt like it was a stand alone fragrance. I've worn it about 5 times since ce I bought it. The bottle is big. I dabbed three drops and the smell filled up the whole room. For me it was a little bit intoxicating. Just warm and deep. I do like the scent.

Marrion Yusuf

Ruh El Amber ER8E 95ML CPO SA

fragrance is not as fruity as i expected

A very reasonable price for a big bottle, 95ml and packaging is securely awesome!. However, the fragrance is not the same as it was described. I loved the main ingredients: bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli, etc. This should have a more fruity smell but for the price I paid, I will definitely keep it. The fragrance reminds me of a "baby powder" scent but as I wear it longer, the scent changes. i guess, it depends on how my body reacts to its ingredients, which there's no chemicals in it, just purely natural ingredients as per described. I wish it would have a more fruity fragrance. So, they enclosed some good samples I tried as complimentary.