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    SENSATIONAL is a feminine roll-on concentrated perfume oil created for a vibrant woman who enjoys being the center of attention. This fragrance opens with bright and crisp notes of orange, lemon and mandarin, which will mesmerize those who inhale its fresh and tantalizing aroma. Don’t be surprised if you notice people standing a little closer to you to enjoy your beautiful scent!

    The heart of this fragrance softly blankets the citrus accords with a soft powdery bouquet of jasmine, geranium and iris. You will be surrounded by the elegant and feminine whispers of flowers that brush against your skin.

    The dry down is sensual and somewhat mysterious with a rich and intoxicating amber note that shares the spotlight with a creamy musk accord, and a slightly sweet balsamic accord. This fragrance is gourmand elegance at its finest, and will compliment any woman who wears it. If you enjoy being noticed, then you need to wear SENSATIONAL.

    Gender Profile: Feminine

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Fresh Citrus (Orange, Lemon, Mandarin)
    • Middle Notes: Floral Jasmine, Geranium and Iris
    • Base Notes: Musk, Gourmand, Powdery, Ambery, Balsamic

    Fragrance category: Floral Fruity