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    Introducing SWEET MILLA, a .68 Fl Oz (20 mL) Concentrated Perfume Oil that emerges as a distinguished companion to the esteemed LALIBELLA. This Woody Fruity blend is encased in a Sweet Powdery aura, harmoniously married with nuances of Citrus and Rose, offering a unique fragrance journey.

    Crafted with precision and care, SWEET MILLA is presented in a beautifully ornate bottle, detailed with intricate gilded motifs that echo the artistry of a florist's most exquisite creations, and is topped with a radiant crystal. The fragrance opens with a lively freshness from notes of crisp apples, zesty lemon, and juicy pineapple, leading into a sophisticated floral heart of jasmine and rose. This refined journey concludes with a rich and indulgent base, where warm amber and smooth caramel are complemented by the depth of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, and a whisper of Vanilla, leaving an unforgettable, bold impression.


    • Aromatic Profile: Floral and Woody
    • Designed For: The Sensual Woman
    • Occasion: Perfect for Daily Wear, Especially in Warm Weather

    Olfactory Information:

    • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Caramel
    • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose
    • Top Notes: Pineapple, Lemon, Apple

    Fragrance Category: Gourmand, Oriental

    About PEARLANERA: PEARLANERA is renowned for its exceptional dedication to the art of fragrance, creating scents that are both captivating and enduring. Each perfume is a labor of love, meticulously formulated to ensure a masterpiece in every bottle. Focusing on Concentrated Perfume Oil, PEARLANERA elevates the standard of luxury in fragrance, offering an experience that is long-lasting and true to scent, distinct from the fleeting nature of traditional spray-based perfumes.

    Concentrated Perfume Oil vs. Spray-Based Perfumes: SWEET MILLA is a celebrated member of our exclusive alcohol-free Concentrated Perfume Oil collection, known for its remarkable longevity and depth of scent. Unlike spray-based perfumes, our CPOs offer a more profound and lasting fragrance experience. With just a modest application, this exquisite oil surrounds you with an alluring aura that gracefully endures, making every moment memorable.