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  • Urfa ♀️♂️ Perfume Oil

    Romantic, sensual, and euphoric, Urfa is a fragrance in bloom. Ephemeral and subtle yet intoxicatingly sweet, the soft floral notes of dawn-blooming jasmine float above the gentle sacred wood scent of sandalwood and soft musk. It is an exotic and mystical blend free of the typical cloying synthetic fragrances found in many modern products.

    This small-batch handcrafted perfume was lovingly created and aged. A true natural attar in the classical lineage of pure botanical perfumes, it is meant to be applied several times throughout the day. You will find that it melds into your skin’s natural aroma, creating a unique and personalized signature fragrance.

    Urfa is an alluring fragrance inspired by the delicate petals of jasmine. Enticing white florals blend with notes of citrus and velvety woods for a scent that is classic, yet unexpected.

    Olfactory Information:
    Top notes: Jasmin and White Florals
    Heart notes: Fruit Florals
    Base notes: Musky

    Fragrance category: Floral

    Every artisan blend batch is unique;
    We use natural ingredients in our niche perfumes and fragrance oils. Because the climatic and seasonal conditions during harvest tend to change, the properties of the aroma and colour of the fragrance will change, resulting in slight variations in the product itself or its colour.