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  • June 22, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

    NAWAF (EDP) for Men, 50mL

    A bewitching confusion, "Nawaf" is an oud scent. That now sounds more like boredom than joy. The market is more than saturated, the train has already passed through the station three times. But wait! "Nawaf" can do more than the usual eagle-wood ruminant. I can confirm the comparison to the Ferrari price hit, once a short test of this was enough. Doesn't bother me much. 

    "Nawaf" sounds like dog barking and smells like a warm blanket of dry tobacco and moist oud, plus a good shot of saffron and something cocoa-like - a cacophony that works and beguiles. Dark and creamy, with harsh facets and soft edges. A beautiful Halloween scent full of brown tones and Arabic sounds, without planing away too oriental. Since I like saffron, he's got a rock in my board anyway. Who can buy little from this spice, may go a bow. "Nawaf" smells like a royal shisha bar, far sweeter and more expensive than he is. The complete package is right and carries self-confidence and wealth on the forehead without showing off. 

    Flacon: heavy, hard, quite high quality - a blackjack
    Sillage: has ups and downs, but usually draws attention to itself 
    Shelf life: don't think about leaving - over 10 hours. 

    Conclusion: like an autumnal layer of leaves, cosiness, tobacco and oud. If you don't mind the compote-like composition, you might come across a favourite. The opposite of a frippery perfume.