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  • July 08, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

    Sandalwood oils, cologne and perfume are among the worlds bestsellers. The ingredient provides depth and punch to virtually any fragrance, not to mention some serious exoticism. Many of Swiss Arabian Fragrances’ scents feature sandalwood as a base note – but what exactly is this ingredient and why is it so desirable?


    Sandalwood is a type of aromatic wood that, unlike many other similar plants, retains its scents for decades. As you can imagine, that’s highly sought-after by perfume-makers, as it means a lot of longevity.

    For centuries, it’s been prized by numerous cultures, and used in ritual and religious ceremony. For example, Hindus use it to worship Shiva, and in the Sufi faith, sandalwood paste is marked on a Sufi’s grave as a mark of devotion.

    It’s also been an important aspect of perfume-crafting throughout history. Sandalwood fragrance is part of the ‘floriental’ family, along with ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, plumeria and others.

    Part of its charm is its versatility. It lends itself well to delicate, invigorating fragrances, and to rich, deep ones too.


    Firstly, chips and billets are harvested from the sandalwood tree. Then, these tiny pieces are steamed, which causes them to release a sticky liquid. This is then gathered as pure, essential sandalwood oil.

    Sandalwood trees are rare, which means that only limited amounts of oil are extracted each year. This pushes prices up, making it not only a desirable ingredient, but an expensive one too! That’s why sandalwood perfume is usually regarded as exclusive.


    The Bosphorus, an Artisan Oil Blend (Unisex), which offers a distinct woody floral trail with dominant notes of rose, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood. The rose and oud give off a very familiar vintage scent. We feel it's important (for our Male fans) to stress the suitableness of the rose, in this gender neutral fragrance, which blends very harmoniously to achieve a softer oud and give rise to the notes of sandalwood.

    Shaghaf Oud Aswad Eau De Parfum (Unisex, leans feminine) , is a delicate incense infused perfume with sandalwood as part of its excellent sultry, sensual scents blend. Our homage to the Far East-inspired ingredients in this perfume, which makes it ideal for wearing during the evening. A true captivating dance of Oriental opulence with French elegance.

    Swiss Musk (Unisex) Eau de Perfume is another example of a great sandalwood-based scent for the self-confident personality. It starts with an intensive musk note and fresh elements, barrows from its flowery and warm heart notes to finishes on a sophisticated musk note twisted with woody elements. Truly a mysterious and indulgent scent.


    Many of our men’s fragrances have sandalwood as a base note. Here are just a few of the best:

    RAKAAN Eau De Parfum (for Him) is a perfect example of how sandalwood that can be used as a ‘daytime’ fragrances too. It is a fragrance fit for the noble featuring fresh lime and grapefruit accord, which completely transforms the effect of the woody base notes. If you’re seeking something with a bit of gravitas, this is a perfect option to try. RAKAAN is the fragrance of dignity and stature.

    Attar Al Ghutra Eau de Parfum (for Him) is one of the few scents that openly shouts about its predominant aroma! If you’re looking for the epitome of leather-scented sandalwood fragrance for men, this is undoubtedly the one to choose. It not only features strong leather notes, but also a gentle hint of Frankincense, Jasmine and Patchouli. These ingredients serve to elevate the scent, preventing it from becoming too heavy. As such, it’s a great option for day-to-night wear.

    Shaghaf Oud Abyad Eau de Parfum (for Him), is a spicy balsamic fragrance that encapsulates passion and virtue. A classic ‘macho’ and ‘cave man’ scent. It opens with wide-awake top notes of piquant pepper, zesty bergamot and fresh oregano. This invigorating start leads into a rich, resinous territory at the heart of the scent. With smoky incense, silky amber and the leathery floral notes of labdanum, your fragrant journey is gently led by precious myrrh into the deep and long-lasting finale. This is the signature that you leave behind: an enticing accord of sandalwood, earthy patchouli and leather, topped with a golden crown of cherished oud.


    Sandalwood fragrance isn’t defined by gender – it works in both masculine and feminine scents. Here is our best female option, beside the earlier mentioned unisex ones.

    WILD SPIRIT Eau De Parfum (for Her), is the perfect example of how a feminine sandalwood perfume should be. It’s powerful, punchy, but also alluring and creamy. The wood notes are complemented by bergamot, vanilla and other fruits, and is ideal as a ‘day to night’ option.

    Wood-based fragrances also tend to be long-lasting, with the sandalwood (or cedar) coming to the foreground much later in the day. This means they’re great for people who want to apply the scent in the morning, then still catch a subtle hint of it, hours later. Its versatility also makes it suitable for work-wear or going out.

    If you’re looking for the lowdown on what sandalwood should smell like; it’ll basically feature hints of warm wood, which is somehow creamy and smooth. This isn’t a sharp woody smell like pine, but much softer and richer.

    To explore our range of perfumes and oils featuring sandalwood, simply visit the Swiss Arabian's Fragrances website today. If you’re not sure which scent to select, remember that we also do offer sample kits, which provide the perfect way to test out the fragrance without committing to buy a full-sized bottle. Our sample packs (for men and women) offer an even more reasonably priced way to try before you buy a larger size. If you would like to sample a perfume in particular, please mentioned it while ordering and we will do our best to accommodate that request.