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    RUDAINA (SHARQIYAT) 100 ML EDP is an enchanting fragrance designed for women, perfect for year-round wear. This perfume, with its harmonious blend of sweet, vanilla, and powdery notes, accompanied by a tropical fruitiness and a musky floral essence, creates an irresistible aura for the modern woman.


    • Perfect for any time of day, RUDAINA is a versatile fragrance that complements a wide range of occasions.
    • Crafted with a rich palette of scents to delight the senses, this fragrance is a celebration of femininity and allure.
    • The blend of tropical fruits and floral gourmand accords makes it a unique addition to any perfume collection.
    • Encased in a 100ml bottle, RUDAINA (SHARQIYAT) is not just a scent but an experience, promising to leave a memorable trail wherever you go.

    RUDAINA (SHARQIYAT) 100 ML EDP is a tribute to the elegance and power of femininity, offering a scent that is both timeless and contemporary, making it an essential choice for women who wish to express their individuality and grace through their choice of fragrance.

    Note Breakdown:

    • Top Notes: A lively and fruity beginning with Orchid, Heliotrope, and Tangerine, offering a vibrant start to the scent journey.
    • Middle Notes: The heart is a luscious mix of Gourmand Accord and Tropical Fruits, adding a rich and creamy layer that's both inviting and exotic.
    • Base Notes: A warm and sensuous foundation of Vanilla, Musk, and Sandalwood, providing a long-lasting impression that's both comforting and sophisticated​​​ (Oriental-Style)​.

    Olfactory Profile:

    • Top Notes: Orchid, Heliotrope, Tangerine
    • Middle Notes: Gourmand Accord; Tropical Fruits
    • Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood