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  • March 03, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

    A true floral through and through, Attar Al Sheila has a mingling top notes of honeysuckle, violet and freesia, which gives it a powerful floral bouquet opening – but not too powerful, that we do not sense the ever persistent dominant note of the heart of the fragrance – rose. While soft and powdery, it retains a greenness that keeps it on the fresh side of things so that its sweetness is tempered. Think freshly-watered flower garden and you'll get the gist.

    It's Rose heart is mingled with Jasmine, Iris and Magnolia… Bliss! This gives the perfume that aura of the fragrance niche standing out boldly from the rest, but then it gets even better! The light-not too heavy woody rosewood notes start to open up to bear its soul quite loudly… whilst being punctuated with an ever so slight citrusy note, before we come to the denser leather, mingled with patchouli and vanilla… this scent is a gem for those loving deep base notes, a wonderful scent for all seasons and a fantastic alternative for those who love Arabian attar, but in a spray.

    If Attar Al Sheila was a shape, it would be round or oval for its clear lack of the sharp notes typically associated with alcohol latent perfumes. It is a super soft and excellent (safe) choice for those who love its base notes of Vanilla, Rosewood, Patchouli and Leather;

    Pairing/Layering: This is a perfect fragrance for layering with Musk Malaki. First apply the Musk Malaki to your pulse points or favourite spots, then proceed to spray Attar Al Sheila.

    TOP NOTES: Violet Blossom, Honey Suckle, Freesia
    MIDDLE NOTES: Magnolia, Jasmine, Iris, Rose
    BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Rosewood, Patchouli, Leather