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  • March 01, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

    Whether as a gift to yourself or for someone else, perfumes are an excellent choice. This is because they are much more than just a mix of scented oils and fragrant ingredients. Perfumes have the unique power to evoke emotions, lift your spirits and energize you in ways you never thought possible. The right perfume can not only become a part of your identity, it can also help you build a distinct personality and image.

    With the incredible variety of exquisite and high quality fragrances now available online, finding the perfect perfume is just a mouse click away. The Swiss Arabian website offers you everything from precious attars and eau de parfums for men and women to uplifting scents for your home, and delivers them all right to your doorstep. No matter who you are shopping for, and no matter what your budget is, Swiss Arabian has something for you.

    If you are new to shopping for perfumes online and would like some help with the terminologies and labelling, we’ve put together a small guide to help you out.

    Notes are the many different ingredients within a perfume that combine to realize its distinct scent. These notes are arranged in three layers that reveal themselves slowly with the passage of time.

    1. Top Notes: They are the first impressions you experience upon spraying a perfume. Top notes are strong and prone to instant evaporation. They are designed to attract immediate attention and impress the wearer.

    2. Middle Notes: Middle notes are known as the heart of a perfume. They are designed to ease the transition from the heady and vibrant top notes to the deep and solid base notes. Middle notes are usually pleasant and balanced.

    3. Base Notes: Base notes are the last to emerge and form what is the final “scent” of a perfume. They are rich and heavy notes that are designed to stay on the skin for a long time. This is most probably what you’ll express to others during the day.

    Perfumes are also categorized according to their use, functionality, and composition. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used categorizations for perfumes:

      • Concentrated Perfume Oil:
        Concentrated perfume oils (CPO) or attars are the purest form of scented products. They are made up of more than 30% fragrance concentrates. They have strong, attractive scents that last for a long time.
      • Eau De Parfum:
        Eau De Parfums are some of the most commonly used type of fragrances among women. They contain around 15% – 20% perfume essence. They also offer a long-lasting scent, while costing less than CPOs.
      • Eau De Toilette:
        The most common perfume type among men, Eau De Toilettes contain about 8 – 15% fragrance concentrates. They’re able to deliver a nice and embellishing scent without being overbearing on the senses.
      • Eau De Cologne:
        Eau De Colognes are made up of 1% – 3% fragrance concentrates and offer fresh, vibrant and youthful scents that make them perfect for use during spring or summer.

    Now that you know what perfumes are all about, and what to look for when purchasing one, visit our products page for a complete listing of our offerings.